Professional Programmes

InstituteProfessional ProgrammeOrigin
CPAAuditing and Attestation (AUD)US
CPABusiness Environment and Concepts (BEC)US
CPAFinancial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)US
CPA Regulation (REGUS
CMAPart 1: Financial Planning, Performance and AnalyticsUS
CMAPart 2: Strategic Financial ManagementUS
ACCAQualification PapersUK
ICAEWCertificate in Finance Accounting and BusinessUK
ICAEWQualification PapersUK
CISIFundamentals of Financial Services
CISICertificate in Corporate Finance
CISIGlobal Financial ComplianceUK
CISIInternational Introduction to Securities and InvestmentUK
CISIInternational Certificate in Wealth and Investment ManagementUK
CISIInvestment Operations CertificateUK