Accounting Essentials

Course Description

The Accounting Essentials training embraces management- and financial accounting study by familiarising the participant with some of the basic theories and essential methods & principles behind modern accounting.

The course content is derived from three internationally renowned accounting bodies: ACCA; CIMA; and ICAEW, and provides the participant with a basic understanding of the essentials of business accounting.

For Whom

The course is written for people in the below positions:

  • Bookkeepers & Accounting Assistants
  • New Accounting and Finance Employees
  • Individuals who need a quick refresher in accounting essentials
  • Small Business Owners


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this crash course, the participant will be able to:

  • Recognise the duties and responsibilities of the accounting function within a company
  • Apply basic accounting principles
  • Register financial transactions
  • Apply methods for identifying cost
  • Read financial statements
  • Understand the purpose of management and financial accounting


Topical Outline

The student will be taught the below subjects:

  • Key finance terms: assets; liabilities; capital; depreciation; capitalisation; current ratio; and others
  • Accounting concepts, records and systems
  • General ledger, cash-book and other sub-accounts
  • Profit & Loss account vs. Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet changes & Income measurement
  • Recording a transaction
  • Cost identification and behaviour
  • Inventories and cost of sales
  • Non-current assets and depreciation
  • Liabilities and equity
  • Cash control; statement of cash-flows
  • Summary of best practice
  • Personal Accounting experiences and discussions



Course Title: Accounting Essentials

Type of Course: Crash Course

Number of Sessions: 3 sessions (5 hours each)

Language: English

Course Materials: ICC Course Reader

Certificate: Professional Development Certificate

Fees – Distance Learning: EUR 725.- per participant

Fees – Classroom Study: EUR 975.- per participant