ACCA - Qualification Papers


In comparison with CIMA, ACCA is more focused on financial accounting and technical practices of accountancy. There are also 14 exams required, although like CIMA, some of these depend on the degree(s) taken. It is generally thought that ACCA gives you a stronger grounding in accounting principles than CIMA, but at the cost of management reporting and corporate strategy. Suited for practice, audit or tax.

The ACCA Fundamentals and Professionals levels, when combined with approved practical experience, form the full ACCA qualification and are structured to nurture respected, well rounded, global finance professionals


Towards the end of the qualification, students can choose to specialise in management disciplines, practice (audit and taxation), or a combination of the two. The opportunity to specialise is what attracts many to this world-renowned qualification. If you choose advanced audit and assurance in your final stage you will be legally able to sign audit reports in practice after obtaining your audit certificate.

Who can study ACCA?

ACCA is open to everyone, plus if you have a degree or accountancy qualification you may be exempt from certain ACCA exams. You must have three years relevant practical experience, which can be obtained before, during or after your exams. This is known as the Practical Experience Requirement (PER)To complete a performance objective, you need to claim all five elements and write a statement. These are submitted to your practical experience supervisor for approval. Your PER progress – The information is all recorded in MyExperience.

 Applied Knowledge Level
FABAccountant in Business
FMAManagement Accounting
FFAFinancial Accounting
 Applied Skills Level
LWCorporate Law
PMPerformance Management
FRFinancial Reporting
AAAudit & Assurance
FMFinancial Management
 Strategic Professional Level
SBLStrategic Business Leader
SBRStrategic Business Reporting
AFMAdvanced Financial Management
APMAdvanced Performance Management
ATXAdvanced Taxation
AAAAdvanced Audit & Assurance
 Evening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance Learning
Mode of Delivery:Face-to-FaceFace-to-FaceDistance Learning
Number of Sessions:6 (4½ hours each)6 (4½ hours each)6 (personal sessions)
Exam Training:YesYesYes
Continuous Tutor Support:YesYesYes
Assignments:Assignment BriefingsAssignment BriefingsAssignment Briefings
Other Benefits:Small ClassesSmall ClassesFlexibility & Weekly Skyping
Course Materials:Official TextbookOfficial TextbookOfficial Textbook
PaperSubjectEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance LearningEnrolment Form
F1Accountant in BusinessEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 575,-Download
F2Management AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 575,-Download
F3Financial AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 575,-Download
F4Corporate and Business LawEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F5Performance ManagementEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F6TaxationEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F7Financial ReportingEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F8Audit and AssuranceEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F9Financial ManagementEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download