ACCA - CBE (Computer Based Examination)


ICC Fees:
Invigilation/Administration: € 127.00 (per CBE/Paper) NON-ICC Students
Invigilation/Administration: €   73.00 (per CBE/Paper) ICC Students Only

Cancellation/Changes/Postponement in Bookings: € 37.00 (per CBE/Paper)
ICC may charge an extra fee in addition to the published ACCA examination entry fee due to bank transaction charges and forex activities.

* Weekend Options (Invigilation/Administration: € 55.00 per CBE/Paper-Extra Charge)

ACCA Fees:
All CBE’s £ 82.00 (GBP) except LW (GLO/UK): £ 94.00 (GBP)

ICC provides the following ACCA Computer Based Exams:

ACCA Professional – (Fundamentals Knowledge & Skills level):

  • AB – Accountant in Business
  • MA – Management Accounting
  • FA – Financial Accounting
  • LW – Corporate and Business Law (Global)
  • LW – Corporate and Business Law (Eng)

Diploma in Accounting and Business

  • FAB – Accountant in Business
  • FMA – Management Accounting
  • FFA – Financial Accounting

Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting

  • FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1 – Management Information

Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting

  • FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2 – Managing Costs and Finance

Available all year round, the computer-based exams at ICC offer students a host of benefits including:

  • Instant results displayed on the computer screen at the end of the exam.
  • Results uploaded and transferred to your ACCA account within 72 hours.
  • No restrictions on the number of repeats.

ICC – Terms and Conditions:

  1. Applications for CBEs must be submitted not later than 7 days prior to the selected examination date/s.
  2. Bookings by telephone or e-mail will not be accepted. Students must apply using our on-line booking form.                                                                                  More so, Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of full payment.
  3. Under no circumstance is the customer entitled to a refund of examination or associated administration & invigilation fees; Unless of course with a proof of unexpected or extenuating circumstances that takes into account a mandatory 7 working-days’ notice period.
  4. If a customer wishes to cancel or defer their computer-based examination then at least 7 working-days’ notice must be given.
  5. Students who book for the exam and fail to attend the examinations, will not be refunded any fees/payments.
  6. Changes in Booking or deferments shall incur extra administrative fee.

CBE requirement:

  1. You must bring photo ID with you to all exam sessions. You should arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled exam start time so we can check your ID and register you on the allotted PC.
  2. Late arrivals may not be permitted to sit for examination.


  1. The liability of ICC for direct losses arising out of its negligence, breach of contract or any other cause of action arising out of or relating to this                agreement is limited to the value of monies received from the customer (or their employer) for the examinations.
  2. ICC shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss, howsoever arising.

Contact us:


Student Helpline: +31 (0)6.4422.4463

At ICC we are all watching the development of the coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty.                                                                             As such we are doing everything we can to minimise the disruption to the way we host Examinations.

*As per CBE session, We accommodate a maximum of 3 Individuals (2 students and 1 Invigilator)  in a consciously distanced, ventilated and hygiene centre.

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