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Professional Programmes - ACCA
PaperSubjectEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance LearningEnrolment Form
F1Accountant in BusinessEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 575,-Download
F2Management AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 575,-Download
F3Financial AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 575,-Download
F4Corporate and Business LawEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F5Performance ManagementEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F6TaxationEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F7Financial ReportingEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F8Audit and AssuranceEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F9Financial ManagementEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
PaperSubjectEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance LearningEnrolment Form
P1Governance, Risk and EthicsEUR 1,195.-EUR 1,195.-EUR 950,-Download
P2Corporate ReportingEUR 1,195.-EUR 1,195.-EUR 950,-Download
P3Business AnalysisEUR 1,195.-EUR 1,195.-EUR 950,-Download
P4Advanced Financial ManagementEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
P5Advanced Performance ManagementEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
P6Advanced TaxationEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
P7Advanced Audit and AssuranceEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
Professional Programmes - ACCA-CBE
FA1Recording Financial TransactionsMake a booking
FA2Maintaining Financial RecordsMake a booking
MA1Management InformationMake a booking
MA2Managing Costs and FinanceMake a booking
FABAccountant in BusinessMake a booking
FFAFinancial AccountingMake a booking
FMAManagement AccountingMake a booking
F1Accountant in BusinessMake a booking
F2Management AccountingMake a booking
F3Financial AccountingMake a booking
F4Corporate and Business LawMake a booking
Professional Programmes - CIMA

PaperSubjectEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance LearningEnrolment Form
BA1Fundamentals of Business EconomicsEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550.-Download
BA2Fundamentals of Management AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550.-Download
BA3Fundamentals of Financial AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550.-Download
BA4Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business LawEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550.-Download
PaperSubjectEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance LearningEnrolment Form
E1Organisational ManagementEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
P1Management AccountingEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
F1Financial Reporting and TaxationEUR 895.-EUR 895.-EUR 725.-Download
E2Project and Relationship ManagementEUR 1,195.-EUR 1,195.-EUR 950.-Download
P2Advanced Management AccountingEUR 1,195.-EUR 1,195.-EUR 950.-Download
F2Advanced Financial ReportingEUR 1,195.-EUR 1,195.-EUR 950.-Download
E3Strategic ManagementEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
P3Risk ManagementEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
F3Financial StrategyEUR 1,595.-EUR 1,595.-EUR 1,275.-Download
Professional Programmes - ICAEW
SubjectEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesDistance LearningEnrolment Form
AccountingEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550,-Download
Management InformationEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550,-Download
LawEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550,-Download
Principles of TaxEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550,-Download
Business and FinanceEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550,-Download
AssuranceEUR 695.-EUR 695.-EUR 550,-Download
Development Programmes
ProgrammesFeesEnrolment Form
Accounts PayableEUR 750.-Download
Accounts ReceivableEUR 750.-Download
Business Accounting FundamentalsEUR 975.-Download
Budgeting and ControlEUR 1,575.-Download
Financial AnalysisEUR 1,575.-Download
IFRS & USGAAP Reporting RulesEUR 1,975.-Download
Internal Control Policies and ProceduresEUR 1,575.-Download
MS Excel IEUR 750.-Download
MS Excel IIEUR 975.-Download
Accounting EssentialsEUR 975.-Download
Management EssentialsEUR 975.-Download
Marketing EssentialsEUR 975.-Download