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Making Life Skills Visible ..

Impact Mentoring Network is a knowledge development project initiated by International College of Commerce foundation.

The project is dedicated towards making available education and career development counseling and mentoring activities for African-Dutch youths ‘at risk’ living in The Netherlands.

“Positive mentoring can help our young people bridge the socio-economic gaps in our society.”


We seek to improve our young peoples lives perspectives by:

  • Promoting self-confidence and independence
  • Making positive choices in education and careers
  • Developing support systems around institutions
  • Integration into EU economic activities
  • Peer relationships in education and careers
  • Addressing risky behaviors

* All our consultations are free of charges.

Why We Do It ..

Dutch education Statistics suggests; growing dropout rates of 2nd and 3rd generations African-Dutch students (15-23 yrs) in schools and colleges.

With little or no parental support or role models to copy, these growing dropout rates are partly due to undue influences leading to loss of interest.

Our community-based focus is intended to start-up a grass root social-correction process

It shall plant a seed in the minds of the African-Dutch families that; education is a critical tool for human development.

While on the other hand expose the youths to existing and new routes towards EU wide (International) education and employment opportunities.

How We Do It ..

IMN offers a limited but specialised range of assistance that includes; individualised education and career mentoring as well as family and communal motivation and empowerment engagements.

Special educational needs support:

  • Our Mentors are all educators with vast experiences in career counseling and mentoring in education sectors.
  • They will competently offer guidance so young people can achieve their potential. They will help them identify career opportunities and work towards these opportunities in a way they can understand and manage.
  • As a value-based organisation; the young people we work with are at the heart of everything we do.

Become a Mentor

Can you volunteer to offer some positive guidance to young persons? If so, we are looking for retired or active persons with experiences in career counselling.

Contact our team:
Tel: +31 (0)20-341 9006

Need Help?

Are you a youth looking for some specialised (career) support?

Contact a consultant:
Tel: +31 (0)20-341 9006

* All our consultations are free of charge.

Support Us

Donors create the financial base for Impact Mentorship Network (IMN).
This helps us to build and continuously improve our positive guidance of young persons with special needs.

Stichting International College of Commerce
Reference: “Donation + CT37IMN”
IBAN: NL43 ABNA 0831 6304 50


I was 20, dropped out of school (ROC) and shuttling between jobs in construction and security. When my mother told me about the IMN project, I was skeptical about it because I do not expect my mother who is an immigrant barely literate stay at home Mum to understand my frustrations.

Well, I was wrong.. my mentor patiently listened to me and guided me back to school towards a study I truly desire. Today I am in the beginning phase of a profession that is close to my heart and enjoying every part of it.

D. AKON (Almere, Flevoland)