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The International College of Commerce is not just an outstanding provider of training solutions. We also fulfil a privileged role in advancing education standards in the developing world by building durable education infrastructures.

As a Foundation, the International College of Commerce initiates and supports education projects in partnership with local universities, colleges and schools in the Benelux as well as in diverse parts of West Africa.

“We believe the role of education in poverty eradication, in close cooperation with other social sectors, is crucial to reducing poverty.”

Current Projects

Impact Mentoring Network – Dutch-African MBO students (Project code: CT37IMN)
Niger Delta Knowledge Centre – Nigeria (Project code: CT24MLI)

Past Projects

Waterborne Diseases in the Niger-Delta – Research study by Wageningen UR scientists – ATC
Human Rights Policy – Dutch House of Representatives
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility awareness programme – Niger Delta (Nigeria)
Training-the-Trainers – Abuja, Accra, Lagos and Port-Harcourt (Ghana and Nigeria)


For more information about our projects contact:
Willem-Th. Arendsen – Project Manager
Tel: +32 (0)489/867 251


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