Pre-Exam | Revision and Preparation Seminars

Effective preparation is critical to exam success; working with ICC tutors will help you achieve the results you’ve worked hard for.

What Do We Offer?

ICC’s personalised revision and exam training is an all-inclusive package:

  • We offer interactive and intensive revision and exam preparation seminars – you will learn to apply, process, and retain the information necessary to pass the exam.
  • The seminars will give the participants also an opportunity to interact with other students and build their study network.


One-Day Seminar – with an additional preliminary online session:

  • Session 1: (9:30 – 12:30) | Revision – covers a selection of the most relevant and important topics from the programme.
  • Lunch (12:30 – 1:15) Sandwiches and soft drink buffet  – opportunity for sharing knowledge with fellow students.
  • Session 2: (13:15 – 16:15) | Exam Preparation – examination techniques followed by practicing exam questions

Online Session – Group Skype Session one week before the Seminar to establish specific student revision needs.

Learning Materials

Carefully selected past exam questions and learning materials from ICC and BPP. (Seminar includes e-book and handouts.)


We offer the Pre-Exam Seminars for all ACCA and CIMA cources: (In accordance with the COVID guidelines; we allow only 4 participants per face-to-face session.)


Contact one off our consultants to book your Pre-Exam training:

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