Fees & Bookings

Professional Programmes - ACCA

Paper/SubjectPre-ExamDistance LearningClassroom StudyEnrolment Form
Applied Knowledge
Accountant in Business (AB)EUR 295.-EUR 575.-EUR 695.-Download
Management Accounting (MA)EUR 295.-EUR 575.-EUR 695.-Download
Financial Accounting (FA)EUR 295.-EUR 575.-EUR 695.-Download
Applied Skills
Corporate and Business Law (LW)EUR 395.-EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Performance Management (PM)EUR 395.-EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Taxation (TX)EUR 395.-EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Financial reporting (FR)EUR 395.-EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Audit and Assurance (AA)EUR 395.-EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Financial Management (FM)EUR 395.-EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Strategic Professional Level - Essential
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)EUR 595.-EUR 1,045.-EUR 1,195.-Download
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)EUR 595.-EUR 1,045.EUR 1,195.-Download
Strategic Professional Level - Options
Advanced Financial Management (AFM)EUR 595.-EUR 1,045.EUR 1,195.-Download
Advanced Performance Management (APM)EUR 595.-EUR 1,045.EUR 1,195.-Download
Advanced Taxation (AXT)EUR 595.-EUR 1,045.EUR 1,195.-Download
Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA)EUR 595.-EUR 1,045.EUR 1,195.-Download

Professional Programmes - CISI

CourseDistance LearningClassroom StudyEnrolment Form
Fundamentals of Financial ServicesEUR 1,375.-EUR 1,795.-Download
Certificate in Corporate Finance EUR 1,375.-EUR 1,795.-Download
Global Financial ComplianceEUR 1,375.-EUR 1,795.-Download
International Introduction to Securities and InvestmentEUR 1,375.-EUR 1,795.-Download
International Certificate in Wealth and Investment ManagementEUR 1,750.-EUR 2,375.-Download
Investment Operations CertificateEUR 1,750.-EUR 2,375.-Download

Professional Programmes - CMA

Paper/SubjectBlended LearningFast-TrackSelf-Study (advantage)Self-Study (premium)Enrolment Form
Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and AnalyticsEUR 1,500.-EUR 1,900.-EUR 750.-EUR 1,000.-Download
Part 2: Strategic Financial ManagementEUR 1,500.-n/aEUR 750.-EUR 1,000.-Download
Part 1 + 2EUR 2,700.-n/aEUR 1,200.-EUR 1,600.-Download

Professional Programmes - ICAEW

Paper/SubjectDistance Learning Classroom StudyEnrolment Form
Certificate in Finance Accounting and Business
Accounting (AC)EUR 550.-EUR 695.-Download
Management Information (MI)EUR 550.-EUR 695.-Download
Business, Technology and Finance (BTF)EUR 550.-EUR 695.-Download
Assurance (AS)EUR 550.-EUR 695.-Download
Principles of Tax PTX)EUR 550.-EUR 695.-Download
Law (LW)EUR 550.-EUR 695.-Download
Professional Level
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Tax Compliance (TC)EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Business Planning: Tax (BPT)EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Audit and Assurance (AA)EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Business Strategy and Technology (BST)EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Financial Management (FM)EUR 725.-EUR 895.-Download
Advanced Level
Corporate Reporting (CR)EUR 950.-EUR 1,195.-Download
Strategic Business Management (SBM)EUR 950.-EUR 1,195.-Download
Case Study (CS)EUR 950.-EUR 1,195.-Download

Development Programmes

CourseOnline ClassesClassroom StudyEnrolment Form
Internal AccountsEUR 1,400.-EUR 1,750.-Download
Accounting and Finance EssentialsEUR 2,250.-EUR 2,650.-Download
Securities and Investments EssentialsEUR 2,500.-EUR 2,950.-Download