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We offer compressed technical development courses delivered in sandwiched formats within the Benelux region.
  • Advance Excel For Accounting Professionals
  • Advance Excel For Marketers
  • Advance Excel For HR Professionals


    ICC has expertise in designing, developing and delivering customised training. We combine the latest training techniques with relevant case studies to create innovative and engaging programs. Our tailored courses assist you in implementing the strategic goals of your business. Success is measured by improved performance at individual and corporate levels. 

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    The international college of Commerce has been hosting Examinations for British and American professional bodies as well as Universities for over ten years. We operate examination centers within the Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands and Luxemburg) region of Europe.




    As a Foundation, ICC initiates and supports Educational projects with local Universities in diverse parts of Africa. We believe the role of education in poverty eradication, in close co-operation with other social sectors, is crucial to reducing poverty.

    Academic Resource Centre (De ARC)
    Since mid-2014, the University of Maastricht (our foremost contributor of used academic books) alongside Wageningen and VU Amsterdam is supporting the establishment of an academic Library in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. This titanic project named Maastricht Library will service over 150.000 students, teachers and researchers.

    We need your support in other to share this gift of education with students and teachers in dire need of information that will help them make practical changes to their local environment.

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